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The Mews Dental Care Plan

Most patients would prefer a payment scheme to help budget for their dental treatment. We have responded to this requirement by setting up our own scheme which we feel will suit the need for the vast majority of patients. The Mews Dental Care Plan is a “maintenance care” plan. Maintenance is what all patients receive every year; examinations, cleaning, routine intra-oral x-rays, possibly emergency treatment. These basic requirements are covered by the plan in addition to a 10% discount on any other treatment required (except implants, hygiene and cosmetic treatments).

The Mews Dental Surgery Plan Level A:

Joining the Plan

On joining the Practice your dentist will carry out a new patient examination, after which he or she will discuss your clinical treatment and advise you as to when you are able to join the plan.

Key Benefits

What happens if I have an emergency at home?

If you have an unexpected emergency whilst at home, such as an accident or toothache, then in normal circumstances you should ring our emergency number:

What happens if I have an emergency away from home but in the UK?

If you are away from home, membership of our plan allows you to call the dental helpline who will put you in touch with a dentist who can help:

What if I am abroad?

If you are overseas when you need help, the dental helpline will endeavour to find an English-speaking dentist to assist you. In these circumstances please ring our helpline:

How do I claim under the cover?

If you are away from home and have to see a dentist in an emergency, you should receive the temporary treatment necessary to render you in a comfortable condition. You pay that dentist and ask for a written receipt and details of treatment carried out. On your return home, we will help you complete a claim form and forward this to DPAS,
who administer our plan.

We will also help you fill in a claim form should you need treatment for a dental injury. If the treatment is likely to cost more than £175 (and thus require prior authorisation from DPAS) we will provide
a costed treatment plan. An assessment by an independent dentist may be requested before this permanent treatment is authorised.